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Our services are designed to help you achieve one goal: accelerated growth for your brand. When you work with Revised Edition, you work with a renowned group of experts that offer performance-based results.


Iracore International designs, manufactures, and provides customized wear materials to solve issues of abrasion and corrosion in industries such as oil & gas, mining, pipe projects, transportation, and more. These products range from screen panels and spray nozzles to pipe liners for custom and pre-fab projects.

Wycliffe Canada

Wycliffe Canada is a non-profit organization that aims to make the Bible available to everyone by facilitating translations for minority language communities worldwide.

iComply Investor Services

iComply Investor Services is a Regtech company that enables financial services providers to drastically reduce the time and cost of their KYC and AML compliance, significantly improving the customer KYC experience. Their unique approach combines best practices of compliance and risk analysis into a single suite of tools that enable clients to quickly deploy secure compliance services online, no coding required.

dynamic air solutions

Dynamic Air Solutions offers radon testing kits and profession testing and mitigation services to residential and commercial clients throughout Canada. Dynamic Air also offers educational resources about the health risks of radon exposure, as well as information regarding the most effective radon testing and mitigation methods.

Long Term Care Primer

Long Term Care Primer (LTC Global) provides capital for life and health insurance firms and agents, with a specialized focus in financial products and insurance for long term care for seniors.

atrium digital

Atrium Digital is a digital marketing agency that takes a systems engineering approach to marketing platforms and routines in order to generate consistent, measurable results for their clients. 

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